Business can be a force for good.

Stories can be an instrument for progress.

Knowing that, I’ve started my own business to advise others and to collect and & display knowledge in a way that reaches people, thoughtfully. A butterfly landing on their shoulder.

This is Better Deeds.

I don’t know how it will work out, but I hope I can find the good and make it better. For everyone.

About Better Deeds

The heart of my work is finding (and often protecting) the good and making it better. My skill set tends to be effective for this, primarily when I observe, follow my curiosity, and engage in thoughtful facilitated conversations with stakeholders.

The first year of this business will primarily be devoted to consulting with small businesses and small/mid sized construction businesses as well as content development including the podcast Business Lesbian, professional essays, and a little bit of creative (fiction) writing.

My 10 year goal in this role is to maximize value add to the people I serve while also improving access to affordable health care, advancing diversity, equity and inclusion, and destigmatizing addiction and mental illness.